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Your District Attorney

With over twenty years of experience as a prosecutor, Carlos Omar Garcia has served his community by personally handling the prosecution of over 6,000 felony cases. Garcia has experience at every level of the criminal justice and juvenile justice systems, including criminal investigation, prosecutorial in-take, grand jury impaneling and case presentation, pre-trial hearings, non-jury and jury trials, appeals, and post-conviction matters.

Carlos has served as the elected District Attorney for Jim Wells and rooks Counties since 2013, and served as an Assistant District Attorney for the 79th Judicial District for Jim Wells and Brooks Counties for over eleven and a half years (1997-2008) and as an Assistant District Attorney for four years in Kleberg and Kenedy Counties (2008-2012). Garcia has also assisted the County Attorneys of Brooks, Jim Wells and Kleberg Counties. Additionally, Garcia has worked with law enforcement officers from over 45 different local, state, and federal agencies.

The years of service working as a prosecutor has exposed Carlos to a wealth of knowledge that has developed the experience, dedication and commitment needed to serve justice. In addition to his prosecutorial experience, Carlos also gained experience in the criminal justice system as a criminal/juvenile defense attorney (1995-1997) where he handled cases all the way up to first degree felonies. 

I am a prosecutor, not a politician- serving the people and seeking justice will always come first.-- Carlos O. Garcia 

Since taking office on January 1, 2013, Carlos has continued to distinguish himself among his peers and the legal profession as reflected in his election to the Executive Board of the Texas Border Prosecution Unit on September 2013 (re-elected to a second 2-year term in 2015), his appointment to the Texas State Bar's Committee on Crime Victims on June 2014, and his appointment to the Children's Advocacy Center of the Coastal Bend's Board of Directors in July 2014.

For more information about Carlos Omar Garcia, please review the articles below. This site includes biographical information about Carlos as well as his position on many important issues.