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          Under Texas Law, property can be seized by law enforcement agencies when connected to certain criminal offenses and, if legally shown in Court that the property is contraband under Chapter 59 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, the property is forfeited to the State. In the event that a local agreement exists between the law enforcement agency initiating the seizure and the attorney representing the State, the property forfeited can be use locally by law enforcement and the District Attorney's Office.

         The District Attorney is the agent for the State of Texas on all asset forfeiture cases and is responsible for the prosecution of each forfeiture action from the initial intake of a case through the administration of any funds that may eventually be awarded to the State. All law enforcement agencies intending to file a Chapter 59 action, should verify that a local agreement exists between the 79th Judicial District Attorney's Office and your agency.

        Law enforcement agencies are encouraged to file their cases using the 79th Asset Forfeiture Application provided below. The Application form serves as a guide for the minimum documentation and evidence needed to complete the file for the District Attorney's Office. Once the form is completed and submitted electronically, the agency must then bring the requested documentation to the District Attorney's Office for processing.

       All cases must be received by the District Attorney's Office prior to the limitations deadline of 30-days from date of seizure. It is strongly recommended that the agency submit their cases five (5) business days before the deadline date. 

Law Enforcement Forms: